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Having mentioned the genius of Red Nose Studio earlier I thought I would example Sickels creative process when making his work. There is a huge amount of information and insight into the way he works on his blog but I wanted to illustrate it here with a specific example. This is a cover for a magazine called Angie’s List.
cleaning_house_rough3-704x1024 cleaning_house_lores
From sketch to final image…(click to enlarge)
And here is a stop-motion-esque video documenting the set-up of the shot; adding all the possessions, creating the lighting, and adding details to the set.

I see the way Sickels works as being utterly relevant to the practice of a stop motion animator, I think videos like this one demonstrate really well what I call the ‘alchemy’ of what it is to create and shoot little worlds. There’s a time in the studio which is a constant play between, puppet, props, light, composition, shadow, staging and proxemics before filming takes place.
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