Workshop with Barry Purves

Barry was really one of the first people I met in the industry and it couldn’t have been a more encouraging experience. I’d read his brilliant book Stop Motion:Passion, Process and Performance and was so inspired by the book I was compelled to email him. Now I didn’t necessarily expect an answer, I was just expressing what I got out of the book and sending my thanks and congratulations but reply he did. We first met at Annecy a few years back and made a connection over our interest in the relationship between stop-motion and theatre; Barry started off in theatre and still directs and designs now. Since meeting he’s been a source of inspiration and advice. I’m still amazed at how much of his time he gives to students and young filmmakers. He’s completely generous and really thoughtful.

He came down to Newport to do a workshop which I attended for a day before having to go and work on my film. We made some really simple black silhouette paper puppets with which to practice, accurate detailed walk cycles. I think everyone got a lot out of it and it was good discipline. Barry is very strict!
Barry Purves Workshop
The exercises were similar to those he’d done at the Italian National School of Cinema in Turin a couple of years back when I’d gone with him to help out with a course he was teaching. I’ve posted the photos as they’ve never really seen the light of day. Very nostalgic looking back, I met some really great students there who I’m still in touch with now.
Film School Turin, Italy
Barry’s new book Stop-Motion as part of AVA's 'Basics Animation' series comes out soon.
Barry's new book
Basics Animation: Stop-motion, Ava Publishing