Animation Lesson at Calon

A few weeks back I went to Calon’s stop-motion studio for the day to do some animating under the brilliant supervision of my mentor, the animator and director Ben Halliwell. Ben has animated all over the country on all sorts from The Wombles and Fireman Sam to Koala Brothers and Fantastic Mr Fox. We were doing some character performance exercises and it was time well spent. It was actually the first time I’d animated with a ball and socket puppet which was heaven. Ben watched the results and picked up on little things in my animation that I might miss and shared some of his wealth of experience. A valuable day, Ben’s very generous and a real genuine bloke.
Calon testsSome images from the day (click the image to see in more detail).

Here’s a picture of Ben on the set of Calon's Igam Ogam which he directed.
Ben HalliwellBen Halliwell. Photo.