My good friend Péter Vácz from Hungary who I trained with on the Animation Sans Frontières course (09-10) has posted his beautiful graduation film Patakiskola online. The film was developed on the ASF course along with my graduation film, The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling along with a bunch of other projects. We both gave each other a lot of support and input into each other's projects and I helped Peter with the English translation of the original Hungarian poem.

The film is made using a mixture of stop-motion and cut-out computer animation using scanned textures. You can read about Peter's process on his blog here and see more of his work on his vimeo page. He is currently working on his post-graduate film at MOME in Budapest at the moment, keep your eyes peeled!

About Péter Vácz
I'm kind of an animation filmmaker, storyteller and illustrator. I have done my Bachelor degree in Animation in 2010 and still doing the Master on MOME Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. I took part of the ASF Animation Sans Frontières - The Animation Production Workshop in 2009 which was one of my greatest experience in animation. I attended the 15-week 3D Professional Character Animation course at The Animation Workshop in Viborg in 2011. I studied Graphic design in Secondary School of Visual Arts in Hungary from 2003 to 2007. Acting makes me happy. I play the cello since I was 8 and it also makes me happy. I play in a symphonic orchestra and had 2 solo concerts.