Graduation Film in Print

My graduation film The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling was selected to be included in a new book called The Art of Short Films. The publication, edited by Morten Enevoldsen, is a feast of artwork from animated films from around the world. Falling has a chapter dedicated to it featuring concept art, behind the scenes photos as well as musings on the process that I wrote specifically for the book. There are some fantastic films also in the book from professional productions to other student shorts from Les Gobelins in France and also Patakiskola by my friend Péter Vácz.

Cover designed by my ASF classmate Nicole Gallagher

About the book:
Authored by Mr. Morten Seung Enevoldsen, illustrated by Ms. Nicole Gallagher, preface by Mr. Kaj Pindal.
This book was written to share concept art from short films that have won acclaim and praise from both the industry and public. "The art of Short films" contains artwork and personal interviews with each of the film creators. In their own words they share their experiences on what to do, and not to do, to make a great film. All profit goes to fund more independent films like these through a film fund. Visit for more information.
An early colour script for The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling
that features in the book

The book can be ordered online from the Amazon division CreateSpace. The book also has a website and a Facebook page.