Closer Each Day (2011)
Co-Facilitator, Series Two. Fortnightly improvised Soap Opera

Held at the The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol, Closer Each Day is a unique improvised soap opera. Created on the spot by an array of local performers, audiences join reoccurring characters for a long form, narrative driven improvised show. Think Twin Peaks meets League of Gentlemen via Sunset Beach; a soap opera full of romance, fights, sci-fi and enough plot twists to melt your face.

"A local must-see that has audiences begging to stand at the back just to catch a glimpse of the action."
Bristol Theatre Review

Facilitators: Chris Collier and Joseph Wallace. Designer: Liesel Corp. Improvised music: Alistair Debling.

Closer Each Day mini-site

Photos courtesy of Alistair Debling