Outpost (2014)
Director. Political comedy thriller with puppets

A Green Ginger, Tobacco Factory Theatres and Nordland Visual Theatre Co Production

“Luis Ticker arrives for his first assignment as a border guard at a remote outpost in the middle of nowhere. His efforts to maintain standards of order and discipline are constantly undermined by the curmudgeonly presence of his opposite number, BK. The chance discovery of a mysterious other world beneath their feet takes them on a journey into the dark heart of politics, tyranny and murder.”

Touring Europe and the UK in 2015.

"Outpost is a highly topical, finely tuned, subtle examination of politics, power, evil and morality". Lofotpost, Norway.

Directed by Joseph Wallace. Written by Mike Akers. Music by the Bower Brothers. Puppets by Emma Powell and Camilla Clarke. Lighting by Dean Sudron. Performed by Adam Fuller, Kim Heron and Chris Pirie.

Photos courtesy of Adam DJ Laity